*Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), Baltimore, MD

Hoffberger School of Painting

-Master of Fine Arts: 2011

-Certificate in the College Teaching of Art: 2011

*Providence College, Providence, RI

-Bachelor of Arts, 2003



2016 MOCAGA, Abstraction Now, Atlanta, GA

2016 Eddy's Room, Pink and Green, Brooklyn, NY

2015 High Museum of Art, Sprawl, Atlanta, GA 

2015 Poem 88, Brendan Carroll: DECALS, Atlanta, GA

2014 Poem 88, Brendan Carroll: Paintings, Atlanta, GA

2013 Homeland Security, Windows, Walls and Screens, Dallas, TX

High Museum, Monster Drawing Rally, Atlanta, GA

2012 Kiang Gallery, Why Paint Now, Atlanta, GA

2011 Pinkard Gallery, MFA Thesis, Baltimore, MD

2010 Subbasement Gallery, Tough Guy, Baltimore, MD

Maryland Art Place (MAP), Out of Order, Baltimore, MD

Rabbithole Gallery, Resonance, Brooklyn, NY

Rosenberg Gallery, In This I Believe, Baltimore, MD

Pinkard Gallery, MFA First Year Thesis Show, Baltimore, MD


2014, Ashby, Matt, Carroll, Brendan, David Foster Wallace was Right, Irony is Ruining our Culture,

2013, Carroll, Brendan, Patience and Painting, Burnaway,


2015, Levine, Brett, Brendan Carroll's First Response at Poem 88, Oct 9, 2015

2014 Cash, Stephanie, Brendan Carroll's Playful Abstraction at Atlanta's Poem 88, Mondern Painting, April, 2014

2014 Hancock, Eric, Brendan Carroll and the Art of the Brush Stroke, Burnaway, Jan 24, 2014

2013 *Lewis, Betsy, There’s a Gallery in a Couple’s House in Cedars, with Paintings You Should Probably see, Dallas Observer Blogs, Feb 26, 2013

*Simek, Peter, New Paintings by Brendan Carroll: Windows, Walls, and Screens, D Magazine, Feb 21, 2013

*Conversations in the Void, Brendan Carroll, Pariah Productions, Feb 26,2013





2011 Fulbright Finalist

2011 MICA Leadership Honor New Paintings by Brendan Carroll: Windows, Walls, and Screens for contributions to the MICA community

2009 ARTS Scholarship, MICA Award for artistic merit to MFA students

2003Ann Frank Scholarship Recipient:  Award for Providence College Student majoring in psychology